What Is Interpersonal Conflict In Society

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Cover Page Name: Suen Chun Wai Student id: 53106999 Tutorial group: TB2 Programme name: International Business Management Tutor Name: Lillian Wong Date of submission: Course code: CGE24402 Course Name: Human communication in Society In our real life, we always have some conflict with other. However, conflict can be positive or negative .Conflict will always occur with interpersonal. But what is interpersonal conflict? Interpersonal conflict is disagreement between or among connected individuals. For example, friends, lovers, family. Interpersonal conflict is inevitable in any relationship in which some level of interdependence exists and parties perceive incompatibility between or among the positions they have taken on an issue or topic. In this report, I will talk about interpersonal conflict and a real example. This example is about me and my sister. It is occur in a Sunday morning. Also, I will analyze why the conflict will occur and how to handle and resolve the conflict. Finally, I will think about how to make my communication skills better and use it to improve my relationships with others. Today, I tell my sister I have gone to learn driving. When she hear this message, she feels annoying. After that, she curses me and stare me. She said: 「Why you go to waste money to learn driving? You can use the money to do many other meaningful things!」 I answer her:「You know I love car and I want to drive it. Also I don’t think learn driving is wasting my money.

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