What Is It Important To Say About The Safety Of Xrays

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More and more frequently, dental offices are dealing with concerns about the safety of x-rays. Every day a dentist is asked by an anxious patient if their x-rays are necessary and if they are going to cause health problems in the future. After all, the technicians are wearing lead vests and pregnant women are not allowed to have them, so why should the average patient be subjected to the procedure when there is no proof they are safe or not. Dental offices should help patients understand the risks and the benefits of having x-rays taken. If your dental office ignores your concerns or treats you like you have a problem and are being silly, it is time to find someone else to clean your teeth. Likewise, you might not be comfortable working with a dental office that never, ever does x-rays. Some people want a thorough checkup and to get one, an x-ray might be necessary. So are they really dangerous? The answer is probably not, but maybe. That, of course, is the answer for just about everything. Getting into a car, flying on a plane, eating red meat, drinking too much, hang-gliding and swimming in the ocean all come with the exact same caveat. Things we do every day put us at risk, but we are probably not going to get hurt or contract a fatal illness. However, as anyone who has been injured or contracted a fatal illness knows, it does happen.…show more content…
This means visiting the dental office regularly and having a professional clean your teeth. This may also mean having x-rays or it might mean avoiding x-rays. It is your body and it is up to you to decide the best treatment. This begins with being knowledgeable. It is important for you to know the risks associated with x-rays. You are radiating your body. This is dangerous, but if done in low doses, some believe it is not all that dangerous. However, like anything, if you are susceptible to something, an x-ray 's danger is going to be greater than it is for someone who is

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