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What Is It Like To Be A South Korean Student? Korean students have the most stress anyone’s ever seen for high school students. Constantly being told to study and join clubs. They push themselves to make their friends and family proud. But they don’t stop to take care of themselves, making them fall into depression sometimes. But in the end it’s worth it, the students say, because maybe they’ll get into that really good school they’ve been hoping to get into. The amount of stress they get comes from school work, clubs, and just all around self views. School loads them with homework, to which the students adds more to to impress their teacher, parents and friends. It comes from the student pushing himself or herself to their ultimate max from wanting to impress…show more content…
Parents and teachers making sure to tell them good luck, and to be better than others. But they never forget to tell them to be above all other students. Many of the students will actually try, please their parents, whilst others will blow it off and just try to get by.
In South Korean schools, students are basically competing with each other, rather than learning and being at the same level. Tom Owenby, a teacher who spent 5 years teaching English and AP history classes said “It’s not about finding yourself… game for South Korean students” (Hu 1). There's always one student who gets quite literally everything. The best student awards, dance awards, anything someone could possibly think of, they get it. Teachers are constantly praising them rather than giving other students praise for even doing their own hard work making them feel pressured to do more.
Lots of students feel way too pressured with the school work, like they have millions upon millions to do and they still have more. And in a sense that’s true, they have teachers and parents pushing them to outdo themselves and others. They’ve got their best friends doing

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