What Is Jack London's Purpose In The Call Of The Wild

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The Call of the Wild Giovanni Navarrete
Persuasive Writing After reading the story “The Call of the Wild” I can say to myself that I have accompanied Buck with John Thornton on this incredible journey in the wild. But, some readers might ask themselves, what is Jack London’s purpose when writing this fictional novella? Or what is the profound interpretation of this literary work? I am going to be answering these questions in this persuasive writing.
First of all, we are going to examine what is London’s motive in writing this fictional story. Throughout the account, we were able to see the point of view of the main protagonist, Buck, a Saint Bernard mixed with the Scotch shepherd, who displayed human
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Buck had let a love start to grow for John Thornton and he compares it to the one he never had back in California, he says “but the love that was feverish and burning, that was his adoration, that was madness, it had taken John Thornton to arouse.” When we read the story we can see that there is a sense of dog’s wishes or efforts for his sharing of intimate thoughts and feelings with nature. Jack London wanted to convey the wild exchange and abandon of living life deliberately changing it for each and every one of our primal destinies.
In other words, London wanted to show how life can change in a matter of seconds, from living on an estate in California to the wild nature that got in contact with Buck’s primitive roots. The lesson we can all learn is, no matter how relaxed or regimented everyday life is, we should never take for granted life because it can change very quickly. Not very many stories have this deep interpretation, I invite you to read this excellent story and enjoy embarking this brilliant and exciting adventure waiting for our “Call of the Wild.”
(His previous owner is a judge, a calm person in a peaceful world, contrast with his savage life that Buck is now in. We also see how the rivalry between the pack is also a weakness. While Spitz allies with the other strong ones, Buck is ready to defend the weaker
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