What Is James Madison's Contribution To America

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James Madison God has given America many gifts and blessings. Americans have religious freedom, a great economy, and a strong military. But how did America get here? When did America go from an inexperienced nation in 1775, to one of the greatest nations in less than one hundred and fifty years? James Madison is one of the best gifts God has ever given America. He can be credited as one of the nation’s greatest gifts because of his role in writing the U.S. Constitution, establishing the Democratic- Republican party, and becoming America’s fourth President. On May 25, 178, fifty-five delegates began the long trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where the first ever Constitutional Convention would begin. One of those men was James Madison. Not one member was better prepared, or contributed so abundantly to the Constitution than James Madison. Taking the best notes out of…show more content…
Winning by a large margin, James Madison assumed the role of President on May 2nd, 1801, and served two terms with his first lady Dolley Madison until March 3rd, 1809. During his presidency, James Madison is best known for the War of 1812. The primary cause leading to the War of 1812, was the rising tension between America and Britain. America wanted to be a completely independent country whereas Britain wanted to rely on the revenue from America. This created much strife between the two nations. James Madison had finally had enough of the tension and in June of 1812, on behalf of the United States, James Madison declared war on Great Britain. During this war, the British forces invaded Maryland, but in September of 1814 American military forces successfully stopped the British from invading further parts of America. At the end of the War of 1812, America was able to claim victory over Great Britain. James Madison’s greatest accomplishment as President was successfully navigating America through the War of
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