What Is Jealousy In The Crucible

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The Crucible was a fictional story about the Salem Witch Trials that took place in the Province of Massachusetts, written by Arthur Miller. A conflict Miller writes about is that many of the characters are motivated by jealousy. Jealousy is a terrible emotion; it brings out the worst in people just because they aren’t getting what they want. Like when Abigail is jealous of Elizabeth because she is married to John Proctor, another example is how Thomas Putnam is jealous of people who have land, and then Ann Putnam is jealous of Goody Nurse for having so many kids when she has none. Abigail Williams let jealousy get the best of her when she lusted after John Proctor. In the Crucible Abigail says "Give me a word, John. A soft word.” (Miller, 149)…show more content…
This relates to the theme of jealousy because Mr. Putnam is so jealous of other people’s land that he accuses them of witchcraft so they lose their belongings, and he can take it. In addition, Ann Putnam is Very jealous of Rebecca Nurse. Ann Putnam thinks she is cured because she has lost so many children and Rebecca Nurse has so many. Mrs. Putnam is telling the jury “You think it God’s work you should never lose a child, nor a grandchild either, and I burry all but one?” (Miller, 152) Ann is so jealous that she accuses goody nurse of witchcraft because she thinks Mrs. Putnam put a spell on her not to have kids. Mr. Putnam later says “When Reverend Hale comes; you will proceed to look for signs of witchcraft here.” (Miller, 152) As Arthur Miller reminded you, you can see jealousy is one of the worst emotions out there bringing the worst out of people? The 3 major conflicts in the story were Abigail wanted john and is jealous of Elizabeth, Thomas Putnam is greedy for land and is jealous for anyone who has land, and Mrs. Putnam is Jealous of Rebecca Nurse for not losing any of her babies. These conflicts of jealousy in
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