What Is Junk Food Essay

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In this issue I'm talking about junk food is a very interesting topic for all young

people and give account damage and .in poor diet by eating junk food really do

not know what they are consuming .I think that if people knew this understand

why the rise in obesity and diseases such as cancer or gastritis. This is mainly

due to the way we eat, but mainly because we do not care when consuming


Some of the main aspects that I am going to mention about poor diet by eating

junk food are:

What is junk food?

Which induces us to eat junk food?

Main products consumed.

How to avoid junk food

Teen’s finds 12 and 15 are those who consume more junk food and sedentary

women are prone to be overweight and different types of diseases by poor diet
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We must start from childhood induce the

consumption of natural products which are a great vitamin and a lot of nutrients

to our body and induce them to avoid consuming processed, not accustom to

consume all this I realize products that products like junk you are not leaving

anything good health unlike you are destroying and that's a lot to society that

food is natural and avoid anything bad that can lead to death or bad

consequences not solvable by the foolishness of people who do not want to

realize how bad it is to eat junk food.

I hope they realize that by themselves are killing, it is best not to consume these

types of products or consuming them once a month or

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