Garbage By Kate Kelley Analysis

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In her essay entitled “Garbage” from The Norton Sampler journalist Katie Kelley states that the cause of New York’s garbage problem results from the nonchalant attitude of its citizens. New Yorkers have a nonchalant attitude toward moral behavior. Kate Kelly stresses that New York in general has as a distorted view of life’s problems. Kelley writes “New Yorkers are a provincial lot. They wear their city’s accomplishment like blue ribbons. To anyone who will listen, they boast of leading the world in everything from Mafia murders to porno movie house.” (106). Kelley stress how narrow minded New York’s people are. Most normal individuals within society wouldn’t brag about negative aspect of their city and their people, especially about their…show more content…
Instead, Jerome supports the garbage problem. Environmental protector Jerome Kretchmer see New York as the “Fun City garbage” (107). In the essay he is supporting the garbage problem and he is trying to influence to the younger generation to continue this type of nonchalant behavior toward the City problems especially to life 's problems. “He had taken his seven-year-old daughter’s class out to Fresh Kills for a field trip.” (108). Which Kelly stress in the essay how the older generation is trying to influence the younger generation to have this nonchalant attitude toward life 's problems. “Fresh Kills turns me on” (108). Kelly is stressing in the essay to show how environmental protector Jerome Kretchmer is support to be resolving the problem, yet instead he is fascinated by garbage problem. Environmental protector are post to support environment and work to keep the environment safe and clean, but instead Jerome Kretchmer is doing the exact opposed and he is supporting the problem instead of being the solution. It shows that even the people in charge has nonchalant attitude toward the garbage problem and toward any life’s
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