What Is King Hamlet's Presence In Hamlet

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This once again proves how important King Hamlet’s presence is in this play literally being the originating source of everything that comes to pass. “I’ll wipe away all trivial fond records,/
…And thy commandment all alone shall live” (1.5.99-102).
The most significant impact king Hamlet’s presence has is on Hamlet. His first appearance establishes the setting and sets up the makings on the tragedy, and his words linger on Hamlet’s conscious to the point of being completely unbearable. While his father 's first appearance does have a significant impact of Hamlet the most clear effect he has on Hamlet’s character is actually during his second appearance when Hamlet is confronting his mother about her actions and potential involvement with murdering his father. This is such an important interaction not because of what king Hamlet says to Hamlet, but rather because of the fact that
Gertrude cannot see the ghost, which means that Hamlet may have very well succumbed to madness as in the beginning everyone who was around the ghost could see it, meaning that since
Gertrude cannot see the ghost it is possible that Hamlet has truly lost his mind. “Nothing at all; yet all that is I see” (3.4.133). This is so important as it shows how impactful king Hamlet has been on Hamlet, as Hamlet has obviously done everything in order to avenge his father foul murder, but the reader has assumed that all of Hamlet’s actions have been just false flags for everyone in order spread the seeds of

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