What Is Laila's Relationship In A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Relationships can be special thing, such as the one that Laila and Tariq share in A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Laila and Tariq shared a loving and caring connection. Although, not all relationships are the same. The relationships shared by Mammy and Babi, Mariam and Rasheed, and Laila and Rasheed were very different from the one Laila and Tariq shared. Compared to the many other relationships in A Thousand Splendid Suns, Tariq and Laila were very loving and caring for one another. Her parents, Mammy and Babi, hardly spoke to one another ever. When Laila’s brothers died, Mammy told him to “[k]eep away from me” (139). By the end of the day “Babi ended up sitting alone on a folding chair in the hallway, looking desolate and small”(139). Mammy didn’t even consider…show more content…
In order to save herself and Laila from certain harm, Mariam hit Rasheed in the head with a shovel, killing him. Laila and Rasheed had their fair share of fighting as well. On one occasion, Laila attempted to run away to Pakistan. When she was caught and returned home, she was beaten and locked in a pitch black room with nothing to eat or drink. Laila was sure that “[t]hey would die here”(271). After the whole ordeal, Rasheed threatened that “[y]ou try this again and I will find you…[a]nd when I do, there isn’t a court in this god forsaken country that will hold me accountable for what I will do”(272). Rasheed once even got so furious he stopped talking and put a gun in her mouth. A loving and caring husband doesn’t do that. Tariq and Laila’s relationship was nothing like that. When they were young, Laila was sprayed with urine in the face by a young boy. When Tariq found out about this, he became enraged and went to the little boy and “it was all dust and fists…[and the little boy] never bothered Laila again”(134). This act of defense for Laila showed how Tariq cared for her and he loved her. When they were in their teens Tariq and Laila were talking and he admitted to
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