What Is Life Without Technology Essay

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Technology; it holds a very big part in our lives. A myriad of people cannot live without technology. They need it everyday. They feel lost without technology. Empty; without technology. Humans have become too dependent on it to the point where they cannot even leave their houses without their smartphones.

Humanity’s dependency on it has gone to a whole new level. We used to use alarm clocks to wake us up, but now we only rely on the alarm clocks on our phones. Kids these days have also been depending on technology. For instance, some do not know how to use a dictionary. Instead, when they are unsure of what a certain word means, they search the definition of that word on Google because information is “at one’s fingertips”. Other than that, even the news is online. Nowadays, people rarely buy newspapers because now you can get the news online.

I completely agree to the fact that life is way harder without technology. Technology was
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In spite of that, technology is not too terrible as it has also been really helpful in our everyday life. For example, we can communicate with loved ones from across the globe easily and we can easily find our way using GPS instead of reading a map. The internet enables us to search for information with the click of a mouse. Moreover, although technology has caused typewriters to be replaced with computers, there are some benefits to it. With computers, we are able to save our work and later come back and type again. If we have made any mistakes whilst typing, we can simply delete any wrongdoings and start over. Whereas any mistakes with a typewriter requires using a correction tape. Other than that, busy people can pay their bills online which makes things a lot easier. To sum it all up, technology is not necessarily killing humanity’s creativity and communicating skills. Humans just need to be less dependent on technology and use it
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