What Is Life Worth Amanda Ripley Analysis

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"What is the value of life?” When you are asked this question most people will start to think about their accomplishments, their families, what they have done, and sometimes people simply do not know how to answer this question.
In the article “What is Life Worth?” by Amanda Ripley, it talks more about putting a value of money on a life. Ripley started her article off by talking about Joseph Hewins and how he died and left a wife and three children and how the widow sued but lost. After his death the courts started to put value on a life after death. Ripley started to talk about how a man could die and he would make $30,000 dollars and another man could die making $500,000, but the super court could decide how much money his family would get
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He has a choice to make, so he has to decide if living is worth living and if it is how he will deal with the situation that he has. Hamlet was conflicted he didn 't understand the value of his life in that exact moment. In Hamlets soliloquy the was thinking about the pro and cons of wether to end his life or deal with the problem that his dead father brought to him. He was starting to come to a decision when he’s thoughts were interrupted. This soliloquy brought to light the peoples that most people go through or think about. There are those lucky people who don 't have to go through or think about this.
People don 't understand a value of a life when someone takes there own life. There is 1 suicide to every 25 suicide attempts. That makes up 79% of all suicides. So there are 4,400 deaths per year due to bulling. The people who commit suicide don 't understand the value of a life of their life.
In conclusion, I believe that the value of life really means what you make of it if you are happy in the end. The value of life is what you make of it. Most people don’t understand the value of life and most people wouldn 't even know what you were talking about. If you ask anyone what they think the value of life means the probably wouldn 't know like i did before we started this
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