What Is Lincoln's Attitude To The Civil War

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He says at the beginning that he wants to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia. The only problem that he believes is that there`s no enough money to send all the slaves to Liberia. He brings up the idea of the system of gradual emancipation and that it may actually be a good idea since most of the white people will not agree on setting the slaves free.

Douglas pretty much says that Lincoln is against the decision of Dred Scott and the rights and privileges of slaves. Lincoln simply wants to bring both of the races together because he says that blacks rights are taken away from them. Douglas is against what Lincoln wants to do in the country. He thinks that we should not bring white and black people together because he believes that the country should be running by the white people in the government.
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Douglas also thinks that the world was made for white people and only. He thinks that if we have white and black people working together it will cause problems and other bad
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