Lizzy's Character In Pride And Prejudice

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The book of “Pride and Prejudice” describes the events of Elizabeth Bennet and how she is able to learn important lessons from her mistakes throughout the story. The author of the novel Jane Austen uses Lizzy’s character to show growth and change through not only herself but her relationships. Throughout the story Lizzie changes her perspective on how she views Darcy as a person due to the way he changes to make her respect him. The learning process creates an eye-opener for Lizzie in the realization of people and events that helped her build her character. Lizzy becomes prejudice toward Darcy but at the end of the novel she comes to be more fair toward him. Elizabeth Bennet has come to the time where she is ready to find a single man to…show more content…
Collins and Charlotte live, she sees Darcy and while she is alone he comes in the room and declares his love toward her asking for his hand in marriage. Lizzie is very shocked, yet so upset after all that she has heard about him that she declines the proposal. The novel takes a turn in the story when later Lizzy bumps into Darcy on one of her walks in Rosings and he hands her a letter. This letter states that all that Wickham has said about him are false accusations, and that Darcy did provide for Wickham. Lizzie realizes that she has made a mistake to trust and believe Wickham before knowing whether he was telling the truth and placing this harsh judgement on Darcy. Throughout the letter Lizzie can clearly see that Darcy truly is sorry for his actions and any harm that he may have caused for her. Darcy explains in the letter saying “I am under the necessity of relating feelings which may be offensive to yours, I can only say that I am sorry”(169). Darcy providing an apology for Elizabeth who he has mistreated throughout the novel shows that his feelings have changed and he is not the man that everyone has described him as and that it truly has an effect on Lizzy. His pride has been taken down as Lizzie now has misjudged the kind person Darcy happens to
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