Essay On Romeo And Juliet Being In Love

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Imagine walking down the street, only to see a stranger that will be your spouse within hours. Could that be love? In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the couple meets, and they instantly claim to have fallen for each other. Their families hate each other, making their “love” forbidden. This ultimately leads young Romeo and Juliet to take their own lives. Love is knowing everything about someone, growing together as a couple, and a feeling that grows in time. Romeo and Juliet do not fit this definition and have a relationship that develops far too quickly, and consists of hidden agendas. The first point to prove that Romeo is only interested in Juliet because of her physical beauty begins early on in the play. When Romeo first sees Juliet, he impetuously claims that he is in love with her, knowing nothing about her but her alluring looks. Upon their first greeting, Romeo asks a Servingman who the beauty approaching him was, and he proclaims, “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For I ne'er saw true beauty till…show more content…
They are mistaking their feelings of lust for love. The feelings develop too quickly to be real. They meet, immediately love each other and engage in a romantic relationship without the necessary background. Love should grow based around the premise that two people really know and care for each other. Romeo and Juliet put this ideology into question. In today’s day and age, the idea of love is regularly based around others physical appearances or “butterflies” someone may get. Social media is full of the beautiful women with “no filter” and “body goals”. Imagine the craziness that could ensue if Romeo had a Tinder account or access to all of social media content around today. It is because of this that teenagers now use the word “love” too loosely, and Romeo and Juliet’s story may be partly to
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