Examples Of True Love In The Great Gatsby

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Love is inevitable. It is there and will always be something of the extraordinary. Everyone is capable of loving. It’s natural. If you’re in love, then you’ll know. If you have to ask yourself ‘Is it real?’ then it’s not. The details from the book clearly show that none of the characters have experienced true love, and that all that really matters to them is money, which only provides you with temporary, fake happiness and love. Love, sex, and desire are major parts of each character’s lives in The Great Gatsby, but true love is a foreign concept. Each and every relationship depicted in this story are very complex, and mostly unhealthy. Fitzgerald uses the relationships of Tom, Myrtle, Daisy, and Gatsby to refer to the inevitable feeling that…show more content…
Fitzgerald hints at the fact that they might actually be soulmates that can’t be together, because while Daisy seems to have real feelings, and is actually happy for once, she wouldn’t leave Tom because she expects and knows she can get money from him and he can keep her safe in that way. The fact that Daisy allows this factor of money to get in the way of her feelings shows that she is not in love with neither Tom nor Gatsby. If she was truly in love with Gatsby, she would be with him and not let other influences get to her. Gatsby is perhaps the most controversial character when it comes to love. He gets so twisted up on the idea of love that he thinks in order for someone to love him, he needs to be rich. Ultimately he just wanted to be able to have Daisy and he didn’t care what circumstances he would have to undergo to get her. “So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen year old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end” (Fitzgerald 98). He thought if only he could be rich he could have what he thought was the love of his life. This is not only a terrible way to think of what true love is, but also something that didn’t work for him either because he never won Daisy
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