Short Story Discourse By Aurelie Sheehan

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Doesn’t everyone wants to be loved and to have a perfect life with a significant other? Doesn’t every person desires to find someone to stay with for the rest of life, forgetting about all the worries and troubles? Aren 't we all afraid to be alone? Surely, almost each and every one of us wishes to love and to be loved in return as well as majority of people think love is the most important thing in the world. Of course, different people have a different point of view on the concept of love, and very often what seems to be “love” for one, does not mean “love” for other. On the other hand, sometimes the human fear of being alone forces them not to look for true love, but accept any possible relationships. A similar situation can be observed in the short story called “Purse” by Aurelie Sheehan, where the protagonist is afraid to quarrel with his girlfriend not because he really loves her, but because he is afraid to be left alone. Loneliness scares him so much that he is ready for everything, even to stay with the unloved person, without thinking about his and hers true feelings. The fact that a main character of a short story really does not like his girlfriend ceases clear from the first lines of the story. The main point,…show more content…
Such relationships eventually lead to break up and heartache even though many of these relationships last for a fair amount of time and people try to understand and fall in love with each other. Even if we assume that the person has the right to suffer staying in an unhappy relationship, no one has a right to hurt the other person. While remaining in such kind of a relationship, people push themselves further and further away from true love and pure sincere relationships. An old wisdom says it 's better to be single than with just anyone and people should follow this simple, but true
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