What Is Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

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Drinking Age In the U.S. the age of adulthood is 18. And with that comes more responsibilities and decisions that can now be made without consents. Nonetheless there is still one thing a new young adult can’t decide on their own and that is if they will consume alcohol. The legal drinking age is not until you are 21 years of age. People argue that it should be dropped since it is an individual decision and 18 is old enough to make that decision. The legal drinking age should remain as is because the brain of a young adult is not fully developed till the age of 21. The pros of lowering the drinking age are just as acceptable as the cons. Lowering the drinking age to 18 is only fair since you already have the right to vote, smoke cigarettes, serve on juries, get married, sign contracts, be prosecuted as adults, and join the military. Permitting 18- should 20-year-olds to drink liquor over controlled situations for supervision might diminish hazardous drinking movement. Bringing down the drinking age from 21 to 18 would decrease the excitement of breaking the law to get a drink. The drinking age now stands ineffective for the majority of teens still consume alcohol. Several law enforcement agencies ignore most underage drinking. And lastly, if the drinking age was lowered it would be good for the economy. The downfall of lowering the…show more content…
It’s there for a reason and is not the only law that prevents 18 year olds from legally doing something. For example, you can’t legally buy a handgun, gamble at a casino, or adopt a child until 21 years of age. All of which is due to responsibility and the safety of self and others. Meaning the drinking age now is completely reasonable and appropriate when considering the consequences of it being otherwise. Everyone had to wait till 18 to be considered a legal adult, what’s three more years? It’s better to be safe now and not sorry later. Wait till you 21 to drink for your sake and
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