What Is Makeup Controversy

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Cosmetics: An Industry of Controversy
The history of makeup branches back to the dawn of mankind. Egyptian pharaohs, kings, queens, and Native Americans all adorned some form of makeup. Makeup has been used for many reasons including intimidation purposes, skin protection, and the depiction of superiority. Today, the use of makeup is most intimately associated with genders and self-assurance. The reasons behind use of cosmetics go deeper than the skin; makeup provides confidence and courage despite gender.
The term “gender role” has stemmed from the significance of things a person says or does to disclose himself or herself as a male or female (Merino). Gender roles have created masculine and feminine classification. Egyptian kings wore eyeliner to exhibit superiority. Men wore makeup in the form of war paint. At this point in time, makeup was fierce and intimidating. Feminists wore lipstick to fight oppression.
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Incidentally, the application of makeup on a daily basis has been feminized. Society has decided what is beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Society as a whole, however, has an unfavorable habit of pointing out insecurities in advertisements. Makeup is most commonly worn in order to conceal insecurities such as acne, dark circles, and age spots (Bryant). These certain characteristics are not necessarily quantitative issues; society has only deemed these and other facial accents less than desirable. Self-esteem has become directly related with what society has deemed beautiful. Consequently, the less self-esteem a person has, the more makeup
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