What Is Malnutrition Affect Young African Americans?

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The life of an African American consists of hardships. People are constantly becoming infected with diseases, then left to die without any medication or treatments available to them. Children in Africa are most prone to diseases due to their extremely weak immune systems. Moreover, children are not the only victims of diseases because when parents become immensely sick, their children take on the responsibility of running the family. In this case, children try to overtake jobs their parents abandoned to help support their suffering family; however, continuing an adult job can be overwhelming for a young African. A child’s job should consist of acquiring an education, not running a family. With childrens’ health plummeting, the population of…show more content…
Education on the issue is important since “Approximately 17 million African children die from hunger and malnutrition every year” (“Health Issues,” par. 4). Africa has been drastically affected by malnutrition, as shown through this representation of death rates. The effects of this disease “ deprives young African children of critical vitamins to their health. More than half a million children suffer from vitamin A deficiency, which cripples young immune systems. Inadequate supplements of vitamin A can lower child mortality rate by more than one-fifth” (“Heath of African,” par. 6). This disease has become an extreme problem for children because it can alter their growth and also ruin their immune system. With their health rates decreasing, children are more likely to become sick. Africa is known for a low amount of money; therefore, children stay sick because medication is not available for them.(“Health Issues” 4). Not only has the effects of malnutrition become catastrophic but also the effects of malnutrition, killing millions of African…show more content…
Malaria occurs when blood parasites of an infected mosquito are transmitted from human to human. According to an article, “A child dies every minute from malaria in Africa where it is estimated that 9 out of 10 malaria deaths occur” (“World Health,” par. 3). Africa has become known for malaria deaths, but also that it kills an African child every minute. With the majority of Africa’s population being children, they become the victims of most diseases because they have the weakest immune systems. Malaria is known as a leading cause of sickness for children. A young child whose body has become too weak to fight a disease can be dead in a day from the malaria disease (“Health of African,” par. 26). One article describes how depressing the life of a survivor of malaria can be,
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