What Is Margaret Mead's Coming Of Age?

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Professor: Dr. Deidre Rose
Due: October 15 2015 (received extended deadline)

The Coming of Age – Discussion Paper

Margaret Mead is a well-known ethnographer that traveled to Samoa within the country of Oceania in the year 1926. Mead traveled to Samoa to study the upbringing of Samoan girls. Mead (2001:9) spent nine months studying Samoan children, specifically females and the way they are brought up or raised. She studied everyday activities and practices done by the culture. She looked at the differences between the American and Samoan girls. Particularly the way they experienced her maternal, physical and social environments (Mead, 2001:9). This study was to determine whether adolescent years are equally as challenging within both cultures (Mead, 2001:9).
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But, it presents the argument in regards to the difference in day-to-day living and culture between American adolescent girls and Samoan adolescent girls. Determining the differences and help to make a clear
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