Mark Antony's Persuasive Speech

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Antony’s Speech
“The evil that men do is remembered after their deaths, but the good is often buried with them.” Julius Caesar was writing by William Shakespeare, the play was about a group of men that wanted to kill Caesar so he wouldn’t be king. Brutus gave Antony the permission to speak at Caesar's funeral. Right before the speeches Antony had to ask for permission to speak at Caesar's funeral they said he could unless he doesn’t talk about them killing him. I believe that Mark Antony gave more of a persuasive speech because Antony and Caesar were friends, he sounded like he actually cared about Caesar and that he actually wanted to tell people about Caesar and how good of a guy he was. Always, I think Mark Antony speech is better than Brutus’s because Antony actually put effort into his speech about Caesar when Brutus was one of the persons who killed Caesar. So that shows that Brutus really didn’t care about Caesar. “Men have become brutish beasts and lost their reason.” The quote is saying that men have lost their reason after Caesar’s death because people actually cared about him
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Brutus had a good argument about Caesar being ambitious and a honorable men but it still wasn’t persuasive enough. The reason why it wasn’t a good enough argument is because Brutus only cared about himself when he was telling the speech and he never gave much detail about Caesar and it just didn’t tell us much about Caesar. He talked a lot of negative things about Caesar and only a few positive things about Caesar through the whole speech. Everything Brutus said in his speech was for himself and Rome he didn’t care about Caesar or the people in Rome that why I think Mark Antony was speech was better because he showed that he cared for Caesar and that the people of Rome cared for him
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