What Is Maslow's Three Needs Theory

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Nowadays, most of the corporations’ top managements and CEOs understand how significant employee motivation is in the workplace as well as in the business environment. AirAsia is one of those successful corporations which focus on its employee motivation and rewarding system by holding onto theories such as the McClelland’s Three-Needs Theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. McClelland’s Three-Needs Theory proposes that there are three major motives in work which are the needs for achievement, power and affiliation. By practicing this theory, AirAsia would have better guideline and standards in recruiting and promoting its employees. For instance, employees with a high need in power usually have strong sense of responsibilities and…show more content…
This theory is probably the most essential motivation theory due to its perspective insight into human nature by interpreting the human behavior and actions. By applying this theory into its motivation and rewarding system, AirAsia would be able to motivate its employees as well as satisfying their needs. This is because AirAsia would have benefit by creating a workplace or environment that meets the needs of the employees such as food, shelter, health and job security, friendship and family as well as acknowledgement and recognition. This will then lead to a higher self-esteem and self-actualization among the employees which will results in unleashing the full potential of the employees in their daily business operations. This theory was widely popular among practicing managers including AirAsia’s managers because it is easy to understand and…show more content…
Basically as already explained previously, the theory explains to us that employees have the desire to be friendly and want to create close interpersonal relationships. It is a system that works really well and would create a healthy work environment but in another point of view being over-friendly can cause just as much harm as good. Such acts could cause other parties to feel uncomfortable and can lead to cases such as sexual harassment even though it was not intended to. Creating close relationships are good at times but when the relationship goes sour, it can turn a healthy work environment into a pit of

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