What Is Mcdonald's Human Resource Management Activities

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This research project sheds a light on the two human resource management activities of McDonalds Company of which include: Training and Development along with Motivation. This research paper draws attention to how these human resource management activities ultimately assist such organizations as McDonalds Company in attaining its business strategies as well as how it keeps employees focused, motivated and committed to their work. This research provides the necessary adequate knowledge that is required in order to understand how vital it is to interlink and align both human resource management strategies with business strategies in order to ensure that the company achieves its proposed goals.

McDonald’s Company
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The significance of having a business strategy is that it gives a sign of how well a company is doing over time and to decide future steps that need to be taken. The business strategy of McDonalds consists of three main things which include: Franchise model, Product Consistency and lastly acting like a retailer and thinking like a brand. According to (Han, 2008); the first strategy is the franchise model which basically states that according to the franchise model of McDonald’s, only 15% of the total numbers of restaurants are owned by the company whereas the remaining 65% thereby functions by its franchises. Han (2008); stated that “McDonalds keeps a constant monitoring and training of its franchises to make sure that at the end of the day they all accomplish high quality of service, cleanliness and value for the money that the customers are offered by the company”. According to Han (2008); the second strategy is product consistency which means that ever since McDonalds has established supplying networking operation and distribution systems, the company always keeps an outlook and ensures that it is able to achieve and maintain consistent taste of the product items and quality across the globe. The last business strategy focuses on the phrase of acting like a retailer and thinking like a brand which mainly depicts that one of the goals of…show more content…
According to Vrontis (2008); one of the major goals of McDonalds is to create the same standardized products that taste exactly the same whether it is in Singapore, Spain or elsewhere. Research suggests that it is very important to always keep a check on the demands of the customers since consumer tastes and preferences alter from time to time and McDonalds must keep up with the needs of its customers. However, problems arise when some countries due to religious laws or rules of the country must change some of the items used in the products. For example, McDonalds restaurant in India serve vegetable McNuggets and mutton oriented Big Macs simply due to the religious beliefs of certain people who do not eat beef or chicken. Another example is in Malaysia where McDonalds went under some investigation making sure that the items were purely halal and acceptable and did not have any pork used (Vrontis, 2008). However, McDonalds still tries to adapt a regular menu that will meet the consumer needs in various countries though the issue of keeping the products the same in all countries worldwide is still a big external factor
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