What Is Michelle Obama Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Michelle Obama: For girls, a heartbreaking loss -- and an opportunity

Many girls all over the world do not have access to an education, and the first lady of the U.S., Michelle Obama, argues that people should support girls’ education since these poor adolescents deserve a right to a proper education in her article, “Michelle Obama: For girls, a heartbreaking loss -- and an opportunity”. Michelle Obama presents stories, examples, statistics, and explanations to adequately support her thesis. Obama begins her article with a story, depicting a girl living in Liberia whose family deals with financial issues. She thoroughly illustrates the girl, Ralphina Feelee’s, life to aid readers in visualizing the concerns many families experience in these regions. Through her use of imagery, Obama successfully keeps readers engaged and convinces them to emphasize with
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She states, “If you have access to social media, then you have a platform to tell these 62 million girls’ stories and raise awareness about the challenges they face”. By stating that everyone has the power to change lives, she urges readers not to ignore these girls’ situations and to help assist the movement. She emphasizes the importance of education and gets the reader involved by asking them to go to the website to “take action to support girls’ education efforts across the globe”. Finally, Michelle Obama concludes her article by showing the importance of her movement by stating that she would work for the cause for the rest of her life. Through her statement demonstrating her dedication to the cause, readers are convinced that their support is essential and are certain that their efforts will change many lives. She adds her last comment, restating her main purpose of the article, and persuades readers to take part in her movement by expecting them to “join her in this
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