What Is Milkweed Theme Of Identity

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By: Arya Sandella and Shreshth Srivastava

Did you know that in the Warsaw ghetto, there were more than 400,000 people forced into an area the size of 1.3 miles? The book Milkweed is about a boy who does not know much about himself and has to steal all his food. He stays in the city of Warsaw for a while, and then moves to the ghettos. He stays with a girl named Janina and her family, while he is there, he begins to realize the severity of the holocaust. In the end, trains come to take the Jews to extermination camps, Misha passes out and escaped. We think the theme of this book is developing one’s identity is essential to their growth as an individual. There are three reasons for why this is true, the main character, Misha, doesn’t know who he is, he changes his identity extremely easily, and he spent a lot of time trying to
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“I think of all the voices that have told me who I have been… Call me thief. Call me stupid. Call me Gypsy. Call me Jew. Call me one-eared Jack… Now I am… Poppynoodle.” Throughout his life, he has gone through many struggles to try to figure out his identity. He has also had many different identities while he was trying to figure out which one really represented him as an individual.

In conclusion, the thesis of the book Milkweed is developing one’s identity is essential to their growth as an individual. The major reasons that this is true are Misha not knowing who he is, him changing his identity without thinking about it, and him putting a lot of effort into finding his identity. In the beginning he didn’t know anything about himself, when he started to gain identities, he would accept them easily. He would change from a gypsy to a jew and more, and then he realizes all the different identities he has developed. Think about living with 7 people in the room that is the size of a
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