What Is Miss Hilly's Response To The Help

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This story is about racial segregation in Jackson, Mississippi. The beginning of the story was quick-paced but not rushed due to Aibileen’s descriptive narration. Her words set the scene for the book so the readers could understand the era the novel took place in. Although the conflict wasn’t immediately addressed, it became more prominent throughout the story. There are several characters that are relatable, like Minny, a sassy, colored maid who found a creative way to take revenge on her former white employer, Miss Hilly. Despite being a historical fiction, the genre which is notorious for being boring, Kathryn Stockett did a good job of captivating her readers with her eccentric and unique characters. There are also comical scenes that can make any reader smile and enjoy themselves if they find the book to be too stressing. These are some of the reasons I would use to persuade someone to read this book. The Help is told through the perspectives of multiple characters in the book, and in the end, these perspectives all tie together to conclude the…show more content…
She always follows what her mother wants her to do and never follows what she wants to do. Instead, she does things others tell her to do, until she decides to retaliate against her friend, Hilly. She finally had the courage to go against the segregation because she believed it to be incorrect, unjust, so she spoke up about it. She retaliated by purposely encouraging people to drop off their toilets in Hilly’s yard in the newsletter, because she disagreed on how Hilly viewed African Americans and treated them. Miss Skeeter learned to be her own self and do the things that she wanted to. Despite knowing what she could lose by writing a book that revealed the working conditions and experiences of African American maids in the South, she did it anyway, and never regretted her
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