What Is Miss Me Patriotism

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Selling Patriotism What is the first thought that comes to mind when you notice an American flag? Most people think of patriotic things, such as freedom, strength, and equality, but what about materialism? Advertisements often use patriotic symbols to make their product seem all American. Even though this is the main strategy used to advertise Miss Me clothes, there are other subconscious ploys in place to draw in consumers. Miss Me’s advertisement uses the paradox of patriotic unity and our own desire to be distinctive to entice us to buy their clothing. The first detail that the viewer notices in this ad is that the young women is draped in the American flag. The flag was placed there to transfer the feeling of patriotism to the clothes, and this nationalism brings many strong feelings to the surface. These feelings are of pride, for our country’s accomplishments in protecting…show more content…
Perhaps the paradox lies in the American dream. Jack Solomon states that, "It is as if our society were a high-school football game, with the spectators rooting in the stands while, deep down, each person wants to be the star quarterback or head cheerleader" (161). This phrase shows that even though we might believe in equality, we actually want to be better than everyone else. Despite America’s views on equality, we strive to be elite, and Miss Me wants us to feel elite with their products. Miss Me’s advertisement caters to both of these beliefs. It accommodates the idea that all people are equal, but it also satisfies the wants of Americans to be distinct and apart. It utilizes the strategy of transferring positive feelings from patriotism to their products, and the ad also utilizes the strategy of making the buyer feel superior to sell their products. The deeper meaning of the American dream allows this ad to fit both ideals into one. The American dream is exploited by Miss Me to boost the company 's own
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