What Is Momma's Love In The Short Story 'Everyday Use'

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The short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is a story told from a Momma’s point of view. The momma is outside waiting for one of her daughters to come home and her other daughter still lives with her. Momma is like all mothers in this poem they have very high expectations about their children coming home. This short story shows how a mother’s love is unconditional and how families can deal with certain problems. The love in this story from the momma is so powerful it shows the reader what a mother’s love is like. This story shows how sometimes what everyone thinks is the perfect life is often not so perfect at all. “Everyday Use” begins with the narrator Momma, who is anticipating her daughter Dee arrival. Momma is waiting for Dee’s arrival…show more content…
The bully side of Wagnero is starting to show out. The other side is Wagnero spoiled side when she asks Momma for the two quilts and Momma tells her to take some other quilts and Wagnero starts telling her how much she does not like the other quilts. After Momma realizes what Wagnero is like she hugs Maggie and lets her know how much she appreciates her. The daydream of Momma and Dee being on the TV show ended up being Momma and Maggie. One could believe that this story is not about Dee/Wagnero coming home to visit but about Maggie who was the girl throughout the story who seemed humble and was thankful for just being able to be with her Momma. “Everyday Use” shows many different sides of the story from Momma point of view. It shows the love and fear a mother has the unconditional love for their child and always supporting them through any of their decisions or the fear of change that their child maybe going through. Alice Walker wrote this to inform her audience about a mother who has unconditional love for their children even if they do not appreciate or appreciates what the mother does for

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