What Is Murder Wrong

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When people think about murder, they usually don’t think that it will ever be them. But murder can take other forms. For example, taking someone’s life is an unfair advantage because what did they do to deserve for someone to take their life. Certainly, the people do not care what happens to other people they do not try to help them. As a citizen, I never experienced someone being murder or saw anyone get murdered. When I was growing up I had never benefited from murder. However, I think sometimes the wrong people get penalized for it as if they were the one that committed the crime when they did not even do it. As a result I learned that whether I help or I do not help is wrong. At New York City, Kew Gardens was one of seven gardens that was planted communicate gardens. In 1964, the Kew Gardens neighborhood got noticed when the Kitty Genovese got murdered near the Kew Gardens. Neighbors heard her yelling help me he stabbed me and nobody did anything to help the innocent lady. “For more than half an hour thirty-eight respectable, law-abiding citizens in Queens watched a killer stab and stalk a women in three separate attacks in Queens” ( Gansberg 128). Basically, Gansberg is stating that there was thirty-eight citizens that watched it happened but did not do anything that would help her and call the police when they heard her yelling for…show more content…
I think that if there was a next time someone was yelling for help because they were being murdered that they would actually do something to help the victim. They had a good attention that if they just yelled from the window that the murder would just leave Kitty Genovese alone, but that did not happen the murder ended up stabbing her three different times. Each night after Kitty Genovese murder the Kew Gardens community is not a place to go because they never know what is going to happen at night
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