Personal Essay: My Three Best Friends In My Childhood

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Children make the most friends when they are younger. As they grow up their group of friends get small, they start drifting. After they leave high school, it’s very unlikely that they keep the same friends due to life dragging them every which way. Some people have had only one best friend, but some have had more. I have had three best friends, one who was dramatic, one who was understanding, and one who is ready to take on the world even if it means leaving me behind. Haley, my first best friend, short, with chopped brown hair that fell just beneath her ears. Always had a short temper as well, she got angry whenever she didn’t get what she wanted. We met in preschool, even had the same class together. She was excited to try new things, even if it meant she would get in trouble. I don’t know why or how we became friends in the first place, but we were happy for a while, content as playmates. As we got older and mature, Haley stayed childish, hateful. She turned everyone against her, even me. When I moved during sixth grade, we had a huge fight that pushed us apart. We severed ties and went our separate ways. I’ve seen her a couple of times since then, hurring past, not daring to look at me. That was…show more content…
Liandra, funny but can always count on for backup if needed, Tory, rude and takes any chance she can to make herself seem better than us, and Bailey, the one that knew what she wanted and worked for it. Bailey, my current best friend, is never afraid to speak her mind. She stands at five foot four inches and has long brown hair that she dyed a deep shade of red. She was always the mature one of us all, but she kept us laughing at the world and even ourselves for a time. We weren’t always best friends, for she had already had a best friend. Over time they drifted apart due to how Bailey was being treated by her “best friend” and so eventually I took the

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