Components Of My Cultural Identity

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The main components of my cultural identity

Many people have interest or pet peeves that mold them into who they are, some have items or mental things that give their culture a way to describe. I would like to explain my cultural identity with these objects that I have had over time.
I feel like my bed is of the mental roots of my culture, it’s a key of what gives me success everyday but could also be a result of failure to get rest.
My bed isn’t the best but it’s better than nothing, rectangular shaped with light blue sheets and navy blue covers the actual size of the bed comes up to about my hip. The covers are very soft with a cotton type feel, the mattress itself has buttons and little wave designs embedded on it. The mattress by itself
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That would cause me to be less successful and possibly even fail, one main thing that drives me to do better and more is success. That is why my bed is influential in my culture.

A special food that represents my culture and myself would be cornbread. How long my family has been eating this is amazing enough, and has a special place in my heart and my stomach.
Cornbread as some might say is a food dish made in mostly skillets but also other pans may be used. The actual main ingredient is cornmeal, but flour is used just as much. Cornbread itself looks orange-ish on the outside but white on the inside, with a soft feel. The inside texture is fluffy, the taste is quite sweet but being bread it’s dry. This food has been with my family for a long time, not only at special events but almost every dinner. This food could be made at anytime so there is no need for a special occurrence. The timeline of everytime we had this meal still amazes me. This is one of my favorite foods mainly because of the flavor, it’s quite sweet being a bread. Not only that but you can eat it with a lot of other meals too. Food could never go wrong and it’s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid, cornbread is a special representation of my cultural
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Part of my culture is based on music because it has a lot of influences on my life and it’s what I turn to when I am mad or upset. My range of what I listen to Is limitless mainly because everyone has a different story and I like to listen to them and learn how they express their creativity. The song is a slow jam you could say, with a up-beat tempo for the hook. The song is basically “ a song made for moms” symbolizes respect for mothers everywhere. The actual song is about two minutes and thirty seconds long, the song is actually quite old releasing in 2012. It is not that well known but it is a very good song, to me atleast. It has a good message and some lyrical wordplay which Chance is known for. This song connects to the part of my culture where i never want to fail but only succeed. One of the main people I don't want to upset or fail is my mother therefore is a reason this song has significance to me. I only want to help and do good and never hurt others, music like this also makes me want to make a name for myself. This has been one of my favorite songs for a while, a reason being that I can relate to what is being said. Music Is very important to me when I am stressed or feeling down, without it I wouldn't know what to do. This song is important to my
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