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Traveling to China really was the experience of a life time. It has challenged me in more ways than I had thought possible testing my friendships, patience and resilience. Being in China for five weeks has opened my eyes to a different type of world that people live in and made me realise how lucky to live in a country like Australia. Through this experience I have definitely grown as a person through the many different opportunities that I have a chance to participate in while I have been living here and I believe the goals that I set at the start of the program have also helped me. All of the six different goals that I set during the first week revolved around the culture and people of China so that I could get the most out of the program. My goals focused on having conversations with locals each day, eating cultural dishes, team work and leadership as well as making sure that I did not regret anything at the end of this experience and I believe that I accomplished all of these successfully. I found that I did not tightly follow my goals but I completed them while out during the days because of the type of conditions that we were working in as groups. Something that challenged me the most during my time in China would have been accepting the different conditions and adjusting to them. I found this challenging because we live with such great…show more content…
When reflecting on my time here up in the Great Wall of China and reading the letter I wrote on the first orientation day I have accomplished everything that I wanted to over the five weeks. I have tried many different local delicacies, learnt about the heritage, work, education, family, environment, the comparison between Australia and China and countless other things. The fact that we have had the opportunity to do so many incredible things and learn so much over the past five weeks is what has made this trip

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