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Am I this or that? Am I Mexican, Italian, German, and Irish? Or am I a white American teenage girl? Who do I identify as? A question I am ask a lot as teenager in high school. I am not sure if I am one or the other. I believe that I am all of those things. Because each of those things have made me to be who I am today. I am Mexican and German from my mom, I am Italian and Irish from my dad, and I’m an American from both of them. I’ve gained values, traditions, and beliefs from both my mother and father, and together we share them. My parents come from different backgrounds but their values and beliefs are very similar if not the same. I am lucky enough to have parents share their values with me but still let me form my own. My mother’s…show more content…
When I say large, I mean VERY LARGE! My dad is the 7th child of 14. He grew up with 9 sisters and 4 brothers. Lets just say he comes from a very italian catholic family. My dad has a lot of siblings but the most surprising thing of it all is that we all stay in touch. I’m extremely close to my extended family even though there’s about a million of us spread all across the world. Even though my family is miles apart, we are still extremely close. I would say my relationships with my Aunts, uncles, and cousins are closer than people who have family in the same state if not county. With this, my dad has showed me the value of family. Growing up he always told me his number one priority is his family. First is my mother then my sisters and I. He then asked me if I knew who his 3rd priority was. I guessed his parents and siblings but he looked at me and said “I have no third priority. You girls and your mother are my only priority and has been since I said “I do” on the altar”. My dad has set an example of how I want my life and family to be. I now value and believe family is everything. My family right now is my sisters and my parents. Someday I’ll have a husband and kids and they will be my

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