What Makes Me Who Am I Essay

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Am I this or that? Am I Mexican, Italian, German, and Irish? Or am I a white American teenage girl? Who do I identify as? A question I am ask a lot as teenager in high school. I am not sure if I am one or the other. I believe that I am all of those things. Because each of those things have made me to be who I am today. I am Mexican and German from my mom, I am Italian and Irish from my dad, and I’m an American from both of them. I’ve gained values, traditions, and beliefs from both my mother and father, and together we share them. My parents come from different backgrounds but their values and beliefs are very similar if not the same. I am lucky enough to have parents share their values with me but still let me form my own. My mother’s maiden name is Maria Schonenberger. Very Mexican and very German. Her loudness and laughter echos the hispanic part of her but she’s also a strong, no nonsense woman, which is very german…show more content…
My dad was a alter boy for his small town church and my mother got up every sunday with my grandma to go to church. Together they raised my sisters and I catholic. I’ve been baptized, gone through First Holy Communion, and been confirmed in the Catholic church. Being Catholic has always been apart of me. I have never not been Catholic. Even though my parents are both Catholic and wanted to raise us to be Catholic, my sisters and I attended a lutheran preschool and we attended a methodist summer camp. My parents made sure to expose me to different religions while still practicing Catholicism. My faith is very important and personal to me. It’s something I can lean on during both good and bad times. I would never try to hide or deny what I believe in but I also would never try to convert people. Being Catholic is something I am proud of and I want to raise my kids catholic. No one can take your faith away. Its pure to you and only you. You do not have to be religious to have faith although I
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