What Is My Future Essay

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Every time I am asked about my future I have to deal with other people’s face expressions and try not to laugh. At first glance I am not a person who seems to suit to my plans, but I found the way, how to use all of my skills in the future. After many reflections and development of what is really inside me, I found what is connected with all of my different experiences. In a lower secondary school I developed an interest in Chemistry and Biology and I decided to continue my education with extension of this subjects.
During high school studies, I have had many opportunities to take part in practical activities such as: a day in a hospital. I was very lucky to cooperate with wonderful teachers, who taught me to keep asking questions and never stop looking for answers. It made me involved into the research process and I want to continue it through the course. I have taken advantage of the
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I feel like beeing in a good company, because of the long history of the impact of international students in the UK. Otherwise the University’s state of the research facilities are what appeal to me most in studies in the UK. I’m looking forward to gain as much experience as I can during my course. In ten years I see myself working in a laboratory or in a large office of my pharmaceutical company. I would consider beeing like Martin Shkreali and buying The Beatles unreleased album. This is how all of the pharmacologist end up... that’s what I’ve heard.
For now, I am putting my biggest effort to pass the Matura exam as best as I can. Having a possibility to cooperate with the bests and developing my potential is a huge motivation for me. I personally think, that “understanding” - that’s the key. I didn’t chose that course, it chosed my. All I have been through and all what I have learned, it is now relevant to use in a university
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