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This is a story of triumph and tragedy. The tragedy was seeing a ten year old boy, burning with fever, who died after drifting in and out of consciousness for three days. I can still recall the intolerable pain of his mother on the loss of her only child. I was a teenager then and had accompanied my father to a free medical camp in a remote village near Lahore. Touched by that incident, I decided to arrange a campaign for malaria prevention and collected donations for free medications and mosquito nets. Over a couple of years, the triumph occurred when the mortality rate in that rural village markedly plummeted. It was that turning point in my life when I made up my mind to bring about tangible changes in the lives of such diseased and helpless people.
In medical school, I was introduced to a wide range of specialties, but it was internal medicine that inspired me the most. During my rotation, I loved generating a differential diagnosis by searching for clues and implementing the treatment plan. Working
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Since graduating from medical school, I have actively acquired a variety of clinical experiences demonstrating my flexibility to fit into any environment and be a productive part of any team. I want to apply my hard earned knowledge to master the skills of diagnosis, educate my patients, and serve the uninsured in the community. I believe with my devotion to the profession, diligence and past clinical experience, I will be able to make an immediate impact to my internal medicine residency program. In the future, I envision myself as a considerate and competent physician and look forward to joining a program that will provide me with ample opportunities to polish my professional expertise and help me excel in academic and clinical medicine. Residency at your esteemed program will provide me with an essential medium to achieve my personal and professional

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