What Is My Journey As A Mom

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My journey as ALS Graduate, College Student and a Fulltime Mom

Many of my relative said that I am a black ship of the family; they said that someday my life will ruined and futile. I do not know if it is a curse but in reality, it happens trouble comes in my life many of circumstances came and it happens in just a split of a second. I would become pregnant at the age of seventeen and became a mother at the age of eighteen. I thought that is this the end of all my dreams. At that time I am a single mom because the father of my child abandoned us, I do not know how to feed my son my siblings and my mom. Thinking inside if the world hated me that much or God punishes me for no reason.
Asking myself why did God let my auntie curse me that way? Ask myself back again if curse is real. Moreover, realizing that maybe it is my future, but I am not that weak to give up and accept the reality wants for me. I have to do something to change my life for the future of my only son. In my mind, I was building a good future for my son thinking systematically how I am just a grade six graduate. Working as a sales person, messenger, house cleaner, etc. and salary is not good enough to feed my son and my family. Blaming my father again because of him I did not finish my study who else I can blame myself maybe. But I don’t want to stop my life on that situation, when I was working at the “capitol of Pasig” I observe people professional and non-professional, comparing their life, and then
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