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It was Saturday afternoon I came into this world with happiness and suffering on 26th of June, 1999. My parents started to give me an awesome name, Maw Par Myar. My birthplace is Loilenlay, Loikaw, Kayah State in Myanmar.
My parents, who currently live in Kayah State, are religious and have good geniality, and our family mainly relies on small farming. My father, who is now over forty years old, working at Thailand. Now he spends his time mostly at working part time at Thailand and supporting us. Moreover, he is a good father in my life that he always told me that he want me to be an educated lady and taught me not to grow up like him, because he is not educated. Likewise, my lovely mother, who is over thirty- five years old, is now in Kayah. She really works hard all the time and manages housework effectively. She usually motivates and gives me strength to endeavor in my studying. She is an ideal mother in my life that she guides me efficiently in my studying since I started primary
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My life experiences in refugee camp nurtured my perspectives, communication with people, and working with chiefs by comparing with my life experiences in Myanmar. Mostly I spent my times in boarding house while I studied in refugee camp. In camp, my participation and managing of other students gave people hope as they see my sacrifice, confidence, and industriousness. I have always had a great affinity towards social worker and management and have found myself to be good at it. On the other sides with my studying in refugee camp, I have been studying with two online programs; EPOP and Bridge program (BP). Both of those online programs gave me many experiences in writing forum, and preparation for university. It has supplied through my academic writing skills, which help to succeed in university-level
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