What Is My Nursing Philosophy

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My nursing Philosophy is characterized by caring, empathy, holistic care, and being sensitive to different backgrounds and cultures to all patients and their families. Recognizing that everyone is an individual and unique in their own way and not to be judgmental. As a nursing student, I believe the nature of nursing is rooted in the commitment to public service and making a difference in helping others during a time of need. I chose nursing as my profession because, I believe that we all have a purpose in life, and my purpose is having the desire to help others through care and healing. I first became interested in nursing when I was in high school; during this time my grandmother became ill and had to be placed in a nursing home where she…show more content…
A good nurse is someone who is compassionate, empathetic, and has a desire to truly want to care for the well being of others. A good nurse is also someone who is knowledgeable and also stays current in the medical field. As an advocate, nurses should empower patients by motivating and encouraging them to be active in their own care, also making sure the patients voice is being heard, and ensuring proper care is being performed in the best interest of the patient. A nurse is also an educator; nurses have the responsibility of educating their patients on their medical condition when the patient does not understand their prognoses. When a patient has a lack of knowledge of the care that is being provided, the nurse also has a responsibility to explain the care and why it will help the patient in the process. With educating the patient nurses can help the patient reach their goals to recovery to a better health status. A good nurse is also a leader. A Leader is someone who takes charge of any situation in confidence, and makes good sound decisions on situations that promote good health. Along with being much of all these things the nurse should deliver the highest quality care in order to accomplish great outcomes in patient care. I believe in order to be the best nurse that I can be, involves a commitment to lifelong learning, through education and hands-on…show more content…
As I, learn new skills and experiences I hope to gain more confidence in knowing that what I have done in caring for a patient, that I will be confident in knowing it was the right thing to do. I must remember that even though I always try to do my best, I am human, and I am not perfect. If something does not go as expected, I will examine the situation, and try to learn from it. To know that I have helped someone in time of need is a big reward for me. Knowing that I made a difference and contributed to society in some way makes me
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