What Is My Responsibility To America Essay

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My Responsibility to America

Responsibility is a big word. It’s the kind of word that can make people clammy. Often times, it calls images of grandiose obligation into one’s mind. It doesn’t have to be like that. Having responsibility to your country doesn’t mean that you have to join the military or become a politician. It doesn’t have to be anything big or hard to do at all. Depending on your job your level of responsibility will be different, but we all have the same basic responsibilities.
The first things that tend to come to mind when people think of their responsibility to America are things like paying taxes and jury duty. Although those types of things are important, so is something as simple as throwing your trash into a garbage
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All you have to do is do anything in your power to be a good person. That doesn’t mean you need to drop thousands at charity events or anything of that sort. Maybe all you need to do is hold the door for someone or wave a friendly hello. Perhaps you just need to use kind words instead of harsh ones and have patience for people. Children pick up on what adults do. If you choose to be harsh your children are going to choose the same. Those children will grow into rude adults and the cycle will continue. Nobody should have to feel targeted or fearful of what others will say or do. If you remember to always use kind words and actions nobody should have to be afraid. If we want to keep the United States as “the land of the free and the home of the brave” then we need to strive to be as good as we can.
Responsibility is not a four letter word. It 's not something bad that we have to fear. My basic responsibilities to America and your basic responsibilities are the same. We all need to vote, pay taxes, treat our planet and each other with kindness and equality, and so on. Being responsible is not difficult. If we the people just use common sense, our responsibilities are not at all hard to
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