What Is My Thanksgiving Memory Essay

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My Thanksgiving Memories by Keri Faulkner In November, there’s a gathering of families to express their gratitude toward others and God. This time in November we call this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, filled with religious and a traditional meal. Thanksgiving is time to be thankful for what you have been blessed with and to thank others and God. My family’s tradition occurs at lunch time and everyone has to bring something. Grandma Jo prepares the turkey, mash potatoes, home-made gravy, seasoned green beans, and fresh corn. She also prepares homemade biscuits, and fatback, which is my favorite. I love the texture and the taste. My grandma also makes the dressing or stuffing. Everyone…show more content…
Everyone is called into the kitchen, holds hands, and Grandma says the blessing. She thanks God for all the many blessing and keeping everyone healthy and safe. She also prays over the food and the people who prepared it. Next, we dig in. We all get a plate and fill it to the top. All the Kids, including me and my sister sit at the kitchen table with my grandma. My dad, grandpa, and his boss watch football and eat in the living room, while the rest eat in the dining room. After eating the food, we fill our plates with desserts, until we feel like we are going to pop. After eating, everyone starts to clean up the food. We usually fix each one of us plates to eat that night. My family has leftovers for two days or so. Then we sit and talk a while for about an hour until everyone starts to leave. My family and I leave and invite my other grandma to our house, that evening, to celebrate thanksgiving with her. We pretty much do the same thing as at my grandmas at lunch. Then after that I had to drive to my boyfriend’s house for their thanksgiving dinner. I was filled with food and hardly couldn’t eat anymore. I bet I gained a couple pounds! Then I always try to go black Fridays shopping to catch my clothes and even other gifts on
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