Personal Narrative: How My Brother Changed My Life

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My unrelated brother Many of us face challenges in life that shape who we are, whether it be encountering new friends, becoming close with a relative, devoting ourselves to change, or committing to success, these brief connections or spur of the moment occurrences happen to all of us and personally that same connection that started 18 years ago has shadowed my existence throughout my life. It all began when I watched my two older siblings evolve around a school related environment several years prior to my journey and was one of the main contributing factors to my obsession with school, it was my very first day of kindergarten and I remember feeling excited knowing I had spent all that time waiting for this moment to be real and it had finally…show more content…
Then my mom got hurt at work, broke her arm, went on disability and we were forced to move to a different location, things were different, my mom didn’t have any idea where she was going to go or what she was going to do and my brother and I were forced to tag along not knowing how our lives were going to turn out or where we were going to end up and I was already disappointed about leaving my best friend and childhood memories behind and now my life was changing rapidly beyond my control and I wanted nothing to do with
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