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My writing process has improved drastically because of all the practice i have had. What I have learned about writing is a good essay has a beginning, middle, and end. I also learned authors use quotes in the middle of their story to make their writing more suspenseful. Great writing has only enough words to get the gist or main idea of the story. If there is too many words in writing, the reader can get bored of the story. When revising my writing, I replace the most common words with words that are more sophisticated. The reader can lose interest in the story if there is too many common words. To catch the reader’s attention in a good story, there shouldn’t be too many overused words. Instead, the writer should replace the word with a synonym. This is a good strategy of revising writing because the way the story is worded is most important to understand.…show more content…
An excellent writer might revise their work by adding missed words or phrases, fix misspelled words, or reorganize their thoughts. Revision gives the writer a chance to see if their writing is really worth saying and if the reader will understand it. The writer should think “Does the introduction clearly state what you intend it to? Will your aims be clear to the reader?” My opinion about writing has changed positively because i now understand why writing is important for daily life. As I get better at writing, I have the opportunity to understand my own thoughts. Writing is important because it is the primary basis to which my work, my learning, and intellect will be

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