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Mythology influences and impacts many different aspects of life. It can tell us about the past by looking at the traditions and rituals that mythology can establish. This involves studying the past and gaining an understanding of these stories and legends. This can be seen in Egypt and their mythology by looking at the kings and the people they ruled over and their interactions with these legends and traditions. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was a great Egyptian king and later ruled over the underworld. Osiris had many positive characteristics and attributes, which helped him rule and later gave stability to his cult that followed. He was involved with the burial process and the rule of the underworld, which many Egyptian people believed in.…show more content…
Isis was deeply grieved for the lost of her husband and as a sign of her lamenting she cut off a lock of her hair. Nephthys, who was the sister and lover of Osiris also was deeply moved by the death of Osiris. Nephthys had slept with Osiris and had given birth to Anubis, who is a jackal-headed god of the Egyptians. Isis figured this out while she was trying to find the body of Osiris and used Anubis to guard her. The great Nile River had carried the box all the way to the coast of Byblos in the present day nation of Lebanon. The box became trapped and enclosed in a tree. The tree was large and of great beauty and grabbed the attention of the local king. The king of Byblos decided he could use the tree as a pillar for his great palace. Isis soon learned of the location of the box in the pillar of the palace of the king of Byblos. When she arrived in Byblos, she decided that she could be the nurse of the king’s son. Isis was then able to transform herself into a swallow and flew around the pillar with the enclosed box while she mourned. However, Isis was soon discovered. She told her story to the king and queen. The queen took pity on Isis and had the box removed from the pillar. The body of the dead Osiris was too much for Isis to handle “as her mourning was so terrifying that it frightened and killed one of the queen’s son” (WW 114). When she finally stopped grieving over Osiris, she took his body back to Egypt and hid the

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