Influences On Egyptian Mythology

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Mythology influences and impacts many different aspects of life. It can tell us about the past by looking at the traditions and rituals that mythology can establish. This involves studying the past and gaining an understanding of these stories and legends. This can be seen in Egypt and their mythology by looking at the kings and the people they ruled over and their interactions with these legends and traditions. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was a great Egyptian king and later ruled over the underworld. Osiris had many positive characteristics and attributes, which helped him rule and later gave stability to his cult that followed. He was involved with the burial process and the rule of the underworld, which many Egyptian people believed in. Osiris was also connected with the cycles found in agriculture, which was important to the survival of the…show more content…
He was given the domain of Egypt. This included the need for the people to understand agriculture. He was able to establish a law code, which protected and guided the people as they conducted their lives. Through all the positive teachings and instructions for his people, they in turned worshipped him for being a great king. The people of Egypt prospered under the control of Osiris as king. Osiris was pleased with the work he had done in Egypt and decided to bring his civilizing ways to other people. While Osiris was away helping the other people groups of the time, his wife Isis, helped rule the state of Egypt. Osiris eventually returned to Egypt, however his brother Set was plotting against him. Set and a small group decided to assassinate Osiris. They made a box to conform to Osiris’s body, trapping and killing the king. Osiris was tricked by Set at a banquet and was convinced to lay down in the box. The assassins quickly closed the box on Osiris and sent it down the Nile river. Osiris had reigned as king over Egypt for 28
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