What Is Napoleon Bonaparte's Legacy

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For centuries France had been governed by an absolute monarchy until the early 17th century when the people of France decided to abolish the absolute monarchy. Many leaders attempted to govern France after the abolishment of the absolute monarchy and failed miserably until Napoleon ceased power. Napoleon Bonaparte was an influential military leader and an emperor who rose to power after The Reign of Terror. He conquered many European countries and introduced The Napoleonic code that was adopted by many countries. He is considered to be one of the most influential military leader who has ever lived and his legacy still lives on to this day. His leadership and legacy are still taught till this day. “Napoleon Bonaparte was born at Ajaccio in Corsica on 15…show more content…
Before Napoleon was praised as a wonderful leader by the people of France he was a supporter of Robespierre and had been friends with Robespierre brother Augustus. He was sentenced to house arrest in Nice after he had been a supporter of the Jacobins club during The Reign of Terror. Napoleon had won fame in December 1793 at the siege of Toulon after he forced the “British army out of Toulon, where they had been supporting a royalist army”. (Atlantic revolution and reform to 1918) the Directory that governed France at the time promoted Napoleon. In 1795 he was the Major General of the French army when he impressed the Directory by putting an end to the uprising of the Royalist in Paris. A leader is an individual that is admired and regarded as a positive role model that makes a great impact to society and leaves behind a legacy that is taught throughout centuries. Napoleon is considered to be one of the most influential military leader that has ever lived. He was admired by the people of France and also other European countries. His leadership had a great influence on France economically, Politically, Socially and Internationally. Before Napoleon became an emperor France was a war torn country that
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