What Is Nelson Mandela's Impact On America

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To add onto how Mandela made the choice , the choice snowballed into many things that were influenced by the choice .The choice to end apartheid and segregation has changed South Africa and even America in simple ways that have changed the life of millions of blacks around the world . Mandela choice has made many impacts on his country and other countries because the problem he addressed was a worldwide problem . For instance , his choice has granted blacks rights to vote and run for a position . The president in america is a black president , and this shows that abolishing apartheid in South Africa has impacted America in many ways . Furthermore , Mandela influences were both good and bad , but manly good because his protest created an equally…show more content…
They can run for president , vote , don’t have to go in special bathrooms and fountains , and they can find jobs a lot easier with the right education . Also , the world of equal rights has come along way with the helping hand from Mandela and other leaders that all have tried to end apartheid and segregation . Mandela’s choice has influenced the way blacks can now live their lives without dumb laws that held back the blacks . Furthermore , blacks now have the same amount of freedom as whites do , thanks to Mandela and all of his hard work and his beliefs . Nelson for sure had an influence and impact in blacks rights because without him , blacks might still be in the situation as they were 40 years ago with apartheid and segregation . In addition , the influence from abolishing apartheid wasn’t just that blacks received more rights ,but that the whole entire country had been changed into a democracy…show more content…
With the new democracy , many new laws were created to ensure blacks had their rights and that there would be no new laws that would ever take away their rights again . One of those laws is that no one should perform actions or create laws from their feelings about an incident from the past. This was important because it helped with the problem of unnecessary laws from being formed that were useless , or not needed . Furthermore , these new laws ensured that blacks would have the same rights as whites , and would be treated no differently . This influence form the choice is definitely a positive one because it was helping the blacks even more , and that was what Mandela was all about . This law is actually one of the American laws that was influenced from South Africa . Equally important , Mandela impacted the laws of many countries because other people agreed with him that is wasn’t right to separate people because of their skin .Through different types of literature , Mandela's story can teach people about the choices and consequences that a person can make
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