What Is Neutral, Biased, Or Both?

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Neutral, Biased, or Both? Discursive Construction of a Mediator's Dual Role Author Jian Wang discusses the importance of an efficient and effective mediator needing to remain neutral within the constraints of achieving their goal of a successful outcome for both parties involved (Wang, 2015). Mediators acting entirely neutral are crucial in obtaining “fairness, justice, and appropriateness” (Wang, 2015, Introduction, pp. 3). However, the underlying issue of the mediator’s perspectives trumps neutrality. The difficult aspect of mediating from a biblical Christian worldview is the Holy Bible instructs people to act neutral towards others. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,” (Philippians 2:3, NIV), and therefore is quite difficult to adhere to a completely neutral standpoint.…show more content…
An effective method of negotiation resolution is utilizing a mediator to oversee a conflict. Furthermore, having a neutral party capable of maintaining the interests of upholding rapport is difficult when operating within the confines of mediation. People inadvertently will unavoidably have individual morals, prejudices, and viewpoints, which will affect how they relate to other people (Wang, 2015).
Cultural differences are paramount within the specific case study done by Wang. Chinese culture is quite different from Western American beliefs. However, the concept of a mediator is not entirely different here in the United States. There are divorce mediators who have a similar goal of completing an equally pleasing outcome for the parties involved. A mutual resolution, when using an effective mediator taking the values and opinions of each individual into account, achieves the end goal of a successful
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