What Is Obamacare Ethical?

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It has come to my attention over the years, that Obamacare has caused a decrease in revenue for my company. Being the CEO of PYE, Obamacare has resulted in me paying more taxes, it forces me to provide health insurance for all my employees or if I don’t provide insurance for my employee’s than I would face a penalty that is up to $3000 for every employee after 30, which seems unfair and unethical. There are millions of other health care providers that my employees can get on there own at an affordable price, but making me offer 95% of my employees coverage is unreasonable. What if you were in my position and you were forced to provide insurance for others that do not want insurance at all? Obamacare believes that 30 hour a week is considered full time and this caused many businesses, including myself, to cut wages, jobs, and hours because of decrease amount of revenue generate inside the business. Once Obamacare was created since many people lost hours and many became unemployed, they couldn’t afford health care because it increased three times the amount it was…show more content…
Obamacare was supposed to help businesses grow and save money, but now it is making it harder for business owners to have a successful business because of all the extra unnecessary fees that were
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