What Is Oskar Schindler's Definition Of Moral Courage

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Oskar Schindler and the Stand for Moral Courage What is moral courage? The definition is the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of adverse consequences. Courage is required to take action when one has doubts or fears about the consequences. Moral courage therefore involves deliberation or careful thought. Born to a rich Czechoslovakian family that went bankrupt in the depression, Oskar Schindler joined the Nazi party, desperately in need of money. Many look at the people of the Nazi party with disgust, but what some do not know is that their was a resistance. Schindler played a big role under the radar and showed courage while saving many lives without thinking of his own consequences.One could say Oskar Schindler meets the standards, or is the definition of moral courage. As a member of the Nazi Party, Schindler undermined Hitler’s…show more content…
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