What Is Otto Dix Describe What Life Was Like In The 1920s

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1. The two characteristic that can be identified as flapper characteristic in source one, is that younger women after the first war who became flappers wore shorter shapeless dress’s which gave them more freedom and movement. Another characteristic is that they wore make-up and drank alcohol. 2. From Otto Dix’s painting in source two we can come to a conclusion about what life was like in Germany in the 1920’s. The painting shows a change in the way women dressed during the 1920’s in Germany, the people on the right, whom mostly consist of women shows that they started to cut their hair shorter, wore shorter and looser dress and make-up. Another conclusion that we can come from Otto Dix’s painting is that there was change in music, Jazz music, the picture shows people dancing in a casual manner, and music has the ability to influence the way people socialize. 3. The value of the transcript of a television documentary, legendary sin cites in source three is that it provides us with an overview of what the current situation was in shanghai in the 1920s and 1930. The Transcripts reads “the French (in shanghai) ended up by having their chief detective become the leading racketeer………’Big ears du…show more content…
Source 4 provide us with a written primary source of the Valentine’s day underground shooting in Chicago, where has source five is a visual primary source that shows how women were depicted in the 1920’s in Australia. Both of the Sources value is that they are primary sources meaning the drawing and the New York times report give the sources a certain amount of reliability, seen it was written and drawn at the time. The limitation of source five is that it is only a depiction of how fairly well off people in Australia dressed in 1920s making the source biased to only one way of life. The limitation of source 4 is that there is no evidence to support the alleged shooting at the time, one could claimed what happen on the 14th of February was just assumed by the
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